Mottoes I live by…

“I’m only as good as my last massage…”

“I give massage the way I dream to be massaged…”

“Spreading world peace one massage at a time…”

Hello there, I’m Stu and welcome to TouchOfBliss. I have been a practicing and certified massage therapist for more than 20 years.

I came to massage back when I was a professional dancer in Montreal. To a dancer in a company, receiving massage is a major part of self-care and professional maintenance and is something that is done weekly at minimum, more if you’re recuperating from injury. It was when I was injured that massage fascinated me by its healing nature and I was very motivated to become a massage therapist as my dance career came to an end. I became certified in Swedish and Sport massage techniques and started my practice. Over the years, experiencing other masseurs approaches and techniques as well as my own yogic journey, study of the chakras, energy work, my approach to massage morphed to include not just the physical therapeutic aspects, the body, but the person as well, the being, holistic consideration. So, instead of just treating the physical symptoms of neural and muscle tension, attention is  given to exploring the source/creators of the tension and remedying the cause, a mind-body experience.

In 2010, while based in Madrid (Spain), I was introduced to the Bindu Center, its Tantra Yoga and Massage. Under the centre’s founder and director, Anand Rudra, I studied and became certified as a tantric practitioner. That experience has greatly influenced my approach to massage. My long list of repeat clients are affirmation of my efforts in this vocation.

My objective and great desire with each client is that I provide an environment, quality of moment and touch, where the person receiving the massage achieves a state where they find themselves completely at ease, mental silence, uncensored and totally free in their skin, without prejudice, a profound moment of self-care. I wish each client to leave the session with the sensation that they have just done something important and life-giving for themselves.