Massage has often been viewed as a clinical approach to taking care of the physical body, muscle work. On the surface, that’s the start of it and a primary objective. In my 20 plus years of being a massage therapist, I have always sought to take care of the whole person. In my own journey, I have found the most important achievement and daily goal is to feel and be absolutely free and uncensored in my own skin. As a holistic massage therapist and tantric practitioner, that is the state that I wish for each and every client that comes in for treatment.

My Tantra-Fusion session, my most popular massage is a gateway to that state of freedom. I address the physical side with the therapeutic bodywork, releasing the neural and muscle tension. Meanwhile, the tantric work is infused throughout, cultivating energy, warming up and cooling down the body, repeatedly, focusing the energy inward to animate and rejuvenate the body, feeling that energy ciruclate unobstructed throughout the entire being. The effects can often be felt for several days after, leaving the body very relaxed yet invigorated…. The best of both worlds.