Welcome to your massage…

It is my pleasure to offer you a fusion of Swedish and Sport Massage techniques with elements of Tantic* Energywork that will leave you, both, profoundly relaxed yet energized at the core.

Your massage is uniquely tailored to you and your needs, be it therapeutic deep tissue work, a pure tantra energy session or a fusion of both. No two massages are the same. For the massage, much like in the tantric/yogic practice, I prefer to work on a very comfortable, cushioned futon mat on the floor as opposed to a massage table. It allows me much better access and angles for the bodywork. My sole objective is to offer you a moment of total self-care and relaxation in a warm ambiance of peace and respect.

*Certified: Bindu Tantra (Madrid, Spain)

Core philosophy with each session:

I believe everyone deserves a loving touch and my desire with each client is that we achieve a state of total relaxation, where one feels absolutely uncensored and free in one’s skin. And, at the end, the client leaves the session feeling that they have done something enriching and important for themself.


  • $120/60 minutes

  • $160/90 minutes

  • $200/120 minutes



  • fresh linens/towels

  • relaxing music

  • candles (evening appointments)

  • shower (cleaned and disinfected before and after every use)

  • water

  • scent-free premium massage oil

  • complete confidentiality and discretion assured